Interesting Facts About The F-35 Lightning II


The F-35 Lightning II Was Part Of History’s Biggest Arms Deal

F-35 LIghtning II
An F-35 LIghtning II on takeoff from Iwakuni Air Force Base, Japan.
1st Lt. Melissa Heisterberg, U.S. Marine Corps

Modern warfare is expensive. Contemporary military forces rely on state of the art technology in order to maintain their battlefield edge. The cost in research, development, and implementation is vast, and multi-billion dollar arms deals are becoming the norm. After extensive negotiations, the US and Saudi Arabia finalized an arms deal worth over US$100 billion. While many aircraft were included in the agreement, the most prominent among them was the F-35 Lightning II. Currently the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has ordered 84 F-35s, and may acquire more in the near future.