Top 35 Most Expensive Military Drones


Insitu ScanEagle

Insitu ScanEagle flies over a Marine Corps base
This UAV built for low-altitude and for low-endurance missions is built by Insitu, a Boeing subsidiary.
U.S. Marines Corps

Boeing’s subsidiary, Insitu, created the ScanEagle as a small, low-altitude, long-endurance drone used primarily for reconnaissance. The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) stands roughly five feet tall with a wingspan over 10 feet. In addition to recon efforts, it also aids the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps and Australian Army in search and rescue, wildlife monitoring, border control, battleground damage, and more. It’s operating empty weight is 35 pounds, and it has a flight life of over 24 hours – perhaps its greatest asset. Additionally, it flies to altitudes of nearly 20,000 feet and reaches 92 miles per hour horizontally.

Insitu ScanEagle cost: $800,000 per unit