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Paratroopers Inside Look: Jumping Into Action

Paratroopers in the 25th Infantry Division jump off a C-17 Globemaster III in a simulated assault as part of the Arctic Thunder Air Show on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska.


Increase Reach, Reduce Risk And Improve Readiness: Efficiency In The Army

For the U.S. Army, readiness is vital. Through demand reduction, the Army tries to find solutions to widen their operational reach, decrease mission dangers, and enhance promptness. In World War II, issues arose in General Patton’s supply line causing him to make use of local French factories at the cost of time. Today, finding the best methods of resource efficiency is essential for responsiveness and strategic necessities in the 21St Century warfare.


Korean War in Color

“2001” The Inchon Invasion The rise and fall of Seoul The Naktong river campaign Winter at the Choisin reservoir. The 1st Marine Division in action Flame throwers in action Bombing raid on a North Korean industrial complex Prisoners of war being captured Amphibious attack behind enemy lines.


Utah Test And Training Range

The video gives a detailed look at Utah Test and Training Range (UTTR). UTTR covers 2,675 square miles of ground space and over 19,000 square miles of airspace. The range provides representational tests in real-world environments for all branches of the military. Some tests include weapon capabilities, ground to air combat and air to air combat.


Army Cold Weather Training In Alaska

Army Cold Weather Training in Alaska. Members of the Northern Warfare Training Center prepare soldiers to endure the unforgiving Alaskan landscape in training and survival exercises.


Life in the Korean War

In this episode, The Big Picture looks at soldiers lives over a single day on the front lines of Korea. Items include the eating and bathing conditions for soldiers as well as typical work such as planting microphones or driving tanks.


Engineer Battalion Coordinates Mechanized Breach

During Iron Focus, a military exercise, engineers help soldiers in tactical vehicles by removing obstacles in their path using mechanized breach operations so forces can continue.


Hell on Wheels

Historical record of the combat activities of the 2D armored division during World War II.


Baltic Urban Warfare Exercise

Close to Zaragoza, Spain, members of Baltic Battalion perform an urban combat exercise in San Gre-gorio training field. The Estonian and Latvian soldiers use their abilities in an urban environment.