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Increase Reach, Reduce Risk And Improve Readiness: Efficiency In The Army

For the U.S. Army, readiness is vital. Through demand reduction, the Army tries to find solutions to widen their operational reach, decrease mission dangers, and enhance promptness. In World War II, issues arose in General Patton’s supply line causing him to make use of local French factories at the cost of time. Today, finding the best methods of resource efficiency is essential for responsiveness and strategic necessities in the 21St Century warfare.


Marines Perform Fording Training

U.S. Marines along with the Marine Rotational Force drive vehicles through water in fording exercise.


Air Force Dog Training

Commando Warrior Regional Training Center holds dog training at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam. Here, dogs are exposed to combat operations and war environments to prepare them for possible deployment.


Small-Boat Operations

During a navigation trip, Coast Guard Kanawha crew uses a small boat to bring a rouge buoy back to a cutter on the Mississippi River. Also U.S. Navy and Marines, as well as the Royal Thai Navy, participate in the 23rd iteration of Combined Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) in Thailand.


Your Military Neighbors

“1966” How U.S. Armed Forces achieve good community relations by promoting the public welfare here and abroad, under normal and emergency conditions.


Dangerous Encounters

“1984” Establishes the hazards of birds to aircraft; Discusses actions aircrews can take to reduce potential bird strikes, and details post-birdstrike procedures and the importance of reporting all bird strikes.


The Last Bomb

“1947” Miscellaneous scenes showing B-29 maintenance scenes, planning room scenes showing plotting board and discussion of target area, Tokyo. Then shows formations of B-29s and P-51s, Japanese terrain, aerial combat with Japanese aircraft, B-29 dropping bomb loads and fighter aircraft strafing targets.


Making the C-5 Galaxy

“1969” Relates story of an aviation milestone, the C-5 galaxy. Tells many problems involved in its construction and why it was manufactured. Depicts unique features of the aircraft and explains its capabilities and subsystems. Predicts revolutionary impact on military and civilian transportation. Pictures roll-out ceremonies and maiden flight from Dobbins AFB, Georgia.