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10 Funny Jokes Just For The Navy


1. What did the sailor say when he saw land?
– “Ahoy there!”

2. A sailor in an old navy vessel noticed a wooden bucket floating nearby. What did he say?
– “There’s something fishy about this.”

3. Why was the sailor so bad at maths?
– Because he was always off by a few knots!

4.Why did the sailor never get a promotion?
– He was always below deck.

5. What did the captain say when the sailor asked for a raise?
– “Aye, Aye! (I’ll raise the bet.)”

6. What did the sailor say when his boat ran aground?
– “I’m on a keel!”

7. What happened to the sailor who couldn’t swim?
– He found himself walking the plank!

8. Why did the sailor become seasick?
– Because he ate too much sea food!

9. What did the sailor call the ship’s cook?
– The galley slave.

10. Why did the sailor run away from home?
– Because he heard about the draft!