Air Force Memes That Will Make Anyone Laugh


Of all the military memes out there, we’re quite partial to any and every Air Force meme. These are just too good! We know you’ll enjoy on these.

Air Force meme

Gas Station

Our first Air Force meme kicks off with a little nod to our friends in the Refueling Wing. It’s also a play on the ‘In Soviet Russia…” memes of ages past (i.e. — ‘In Soviet Russia, car drives you’). In this instance, in the Air Force…the gas station comes to you. Unlike driving, when you are flying an F-16, you’ll be flying through so many gas stations at the speed you’re going. But try fitting into the self-service bay…

Air Force meme weight limit

Weight limit

We can’t leave out the latest addition to the Department of the Air Force: The Space Force. The Air Force proper is no stranger to America’s space exploration as one of their bases is home to countless launches (Vandenberg AFB).

Of course, let’s not forget that there are weight requirements all recruits must meet before going to BMT. But in space itself, there’s also the chance of getting acquainted with none other than zero gravity. No gravity? Weightless? No problem.

Air Force meme f-22

Roller Coaster

Roller coasters are fast. They go up, down, and make topsy-turvy turns. You know what also does those? Fighter jets. Not to mention, jets go much faster than roller coasters.

Couple that with being thousands of feet in the air and you got yourself quite the adrenaline rush (or one good reason to use the air sickness bag). The world’s fastest roller coaster can go 150 mile per hour. How fast does an F-22 Raptor go? Ten times that fast.

Air Force meme TDY


TDYs are fun to go on, right? That might depend on the airman. Some go on TDY in another country and have the time of their lives. Who knows? They’re probably enjoying the sunshine and warm weather in a place like Hawaii.

A TDY away from your base may seem like fun. But it’s only temporary (hence the ‘T” in TDY). Some of you have a TDY that you liked going on. Yet, there had to be that one that sucked.

Air Force meme taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday

There is nothing better than Taco Tuesdays, right? The image that you’re seeing is a jet breaking the sound barrier. So when you’ve eaten a little too much, you might break the sound barrier in a rather…er…unique way.

No, the Air Force didn’t actually ban Taco Tuesday. But if they did, it was probably the pilots who rally behind it. They don’t want any competition for any sound barrier breaking contests in the future. Eat tacos wisely, airman.

Air Force meme, chuck norris meme

Chuck Norris

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention one of the most famous Air Force alums. Before he was in a fight to the death with Bruce Lee and kicking the bad guys as ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’, Chuck Norris was an airman. Believe it or not, it was there where he learned martial arts.

Everyone knows about the ‘Chuck Norris Fact’ meme that’s been around for decades. Sure enough, Chuck Norris didn’t join the Air Force…it joined Chuck Norris.

Air Force meme pokemon

Nothing Can Stop The US Air Force

‘Nothing can stop the US Air…’ Oh crap…the Internet is out! This meme is a play on the famed US Air Force Song that declares that nothing can stop the US Air Force. And what better way to mix together one part of that declaration with a first world problem and a shocked Pikachu?

But rest assured, the United States Air Force was doing just fine long before the Internet was even thought of. They have their own technology.

Air Force meme T.I.

T.I.’s Grandma

Everyone had that one TI that would literally make you fold a shirt in the most perfect way. Even if you think it looks perfect, the TI would not be happy. But would you fold a shirt better than their grandma? Probably not, according to them.

You probably know how to fold it perfectly now that you are long out of BMT. Then again, you’re likely checking to see if the TI is watching just in case they’re watching you.

Air Force tattoo

Air Force Tattoo

Think you’re officially in the Air Force after talking to a recruiter? Wait just a minute there, kid. You haven’t even signed the papers. You haven’t gone through MEPs. And you certainly didn’t graduate from BMT (or even got started).

Maybe it’s better for you to hold off on getting the Air Force symbol tattoo until you’ve actually been in it and do your time. But if joining the Air Force is a dream come true, we won’t hold that against you.

Air Force meme Star Wars

Air Force Meets Star Wars

Star Wars fans rejoice! The Resistance and the United States Air Force are joining forces to fight Darth Vader and ‘The Dark Side’. We’re not sure if our friends in the Star Wars universe have a refueling unit. But the USAF will be happy to oblige.

While you’re not going to see any Air Force assets make the trip to blow up the ‘Death Star’, the least they can do is help out Luke Skywalker and company get the job done.

Air Force meme military meme

What If I Told You

Morpheus took some time out of his busy schedule from the ‘Matrix’ to remind us that even though the Space Force is a new branch of our military, the Air Force had its own command more than four decades ago.

However, origins of the Space Force can be dated back as far as the beginning of the Cold War. The US Air Force used space technology to keep track of any threats. Now, the Space Command has been replaced (obviously).

Navy vs Air Force

The Air Force may have its fleet of jets and pilots. But so does the Navy. So there’s always a friendly rivalry between aviators of the two branches. So what’s the difference between the two?

Navy pilots fly aircraft that are designed for multiple missions. Meanwhile, the Air Force fly aircraft that are made for specific missions in particular. Either way, this funny air force meme tells the story.

Stealth Technology

Now you see it…now you don’t. This military meme discusses the B-21 radar. It might be one of the best stealth bombers the Air Force has in its arsenal. The bomber has the ability to penetrate deep into enemy territory and take them by complete surprise.

It’s no wonder why the stealth jets have been successful in so many air to land missions over the years. If the enemy sees one of these in the skies, they know it’s too late.

Leaving Earth – Hilarious Air Force Meme

‘This is why aliens won’t visit us’ might be headed for the exits after you see this air force meme. With the inclusion of the Space Force, they may have found a new recruiting message: Escape today.

Sure, the world has been crazy in recent years (to the point where people are saying ‘get me off this planet’). If you’re in the Space Force, you may go on out of this world missions. But don’t count on them building any Mars colonies anytime soon.

Daddy, where do jets come from? –

Hilarious Air Force Meme

Our final air force meme is a nod to that old question kids as their parents. C-130s have enough room to carry smaller fighter jets. And this meme has probably been around long before memes themselves were a thing.

Alternatively, you can say that jets were born and not made. When jets need to make the long haul from point A to point B, these giant planes will carry them in the cargo space and take them wherever they’re needed.

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