Author: Michael Jenkins

Interesting Facts About The F-35 Lightning II

The F-35 Lightning II Was Part Of History’s Biggest Arms Deal 1st Lt. Melissa Heisterberg, U.S. Marine Corps Modern warfare is expensive….

Ten Interesting Facts About the A-10 Warthog

The official designation for this aircraft is the A-10 Thunderbolt II, named after its illustrious WWII predecessor the P-47 Thunderbolt. However, the nickname “Warthog” is so popular and well loved…

B-2 Bomber Facts: Interesting & Surprising Details

Each B-2 Spirit Has Its Own Personality US Air Force With only 21 B-2 Spirits produced, the air crews that work on them…

Chilling Survival Story of a WWII B-17 Pilot, Shot Down & Stranded in The Pacific

Veterans History Project The story began in the humid chill of a tropical morning. Norman Smith and his crew rose early. It was 1943, and…

Members B-17 Flying over Islands

The Last Propeller Driven Fighter Aircraft

A change swept over the world of military aircraft during the Second World War and the Korean War. The age of propeller-driven, piston-engined fighters reached its peak and then faded…

Members Corsairs Honduras