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15 Wild Facts About Hitler’s Nazi Gold Train


1. It is suggested that up to nine tonnes of gold, along with 250 tonnes of silver and other valuable commodities, may have been swiped from several occupied countries and stashed inside the train.

2. There is speculation that the train departed from Wroclaw, Germany in 1945 shortly after the Red Army advanced upon Nazi Germany.

3. Speculation suggests that the looted items have been stashed away in containers that have been welded shut.

4. Some experts believe that the train may have been hidden at the bottom of an underground tunnel that was built by the Nazis in 1945.

5. Reports suggest that the train is built from solid blocks of steel and is armored with a series of steel doors.

6. The train could have been loaded with anywhere between 3-9 tons of valuables and artwork.

7. Some accounts say the train is almost 800 meters (2500 feet) long.

8. The Polish government has officially recognized the existence of a hidden gold train.

9. Although there have been several unsuccessful attempts to locate it, some believe the Nazis had hidden the train in a secret underground tunnel in Polish mountains.

10. According to Wikipedia, despite numerous searches since 1945, including by the Polish Army during the Cold War, no evidence of the train, its tracks or treasure have ever been found. Historians believe the train never existed.