SR-71 Facts: 29 Details That Might Surprise You


Three Pilots Flew Over 1000 Hours in the SR-71

SR-71 Facts
Airman Brian Shul, U.S. Air Force

19 Pilots reached the 900 flight hours in an SR-71, but only three pilots made it to 1,000 flight hours. What an accomplishment inside of one of the most legendary planes in history. While the SR-71A received the most flight hours overall, the SR-71B 61-7956 flew the most hours of any individual Blackbird, reaching 3,967.5 hours total. The fewest flight hours recorded came from the SR-71A 61-7966 which only reached 64.4 hours. Pilots in the SR-71 wore similar style “space suits” as U-2 pilots because of the immense altitude.